Direct Debit Bureau

Secure Collections provide Commercial Direct Debit Bureau Services.  

Facility Management, Direct Debit Bureau Services are not offered by ourselves. 

Please read below for more information on the different types of bureau services.

The mechanism your business uses to collect Direct Debit Payments will be dependent on its trading history, turnover and in-house resource. Established businesses can apply to their bank to sponsor them for a Service User Number (SUN) which is required to process direct debits via BACS. Each bank has a Direct Debit Support Centre which can be accessed via your bank relationship team. The bank will review the risk/stability of the business before granting a SUN which allows you to become a Direct Debit Originator.

If your bank agrees to provide a SUN you can either outsource your Direct Debit Collections or Direct Credits /BACS Payments to a Commercial Direct Debit Bureau or you can purchase direct debit software and process your own direct debits in-house.

Your bank will probably advise you to use a Commercial Direct Debit Bureau for the first few years. The Bureau will give professional guidance on the processing cycles and reports which will ensure you comply with the rules and regulations relating to Direct Debits.

The costs of outsourcing to a bureau are generally far less than purchasing direct debit submission software with expensive maintenance contracts and the in-house resource required to run the direct debit schemes.

When you use a Commercial Direct Debit Bureau with your SUN the money is collected directly from your customers’ bank accounts into your business account and the bureau is transparent.


DD Bureau
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