Web Development / Integration

Paperless direct debit sign up on the Web

Secure Collections can provide a BACS compliant micro web site, consisting of five pages, which allow your customers to sign up for direct debit on-line.

 Key Features
  • Design once and use the same pages on a PC, tablet or ipad
  • Optionally use a private version for door step campaigns
  • Bank account validation
  • Postcode lookup
  • Web hosting with secure certificate
  • Branded with your logo and corporate colours
  • Responsive design; pages resize for mobile and tablets.
  • Use the pages as a stand-alone site or in a frame on your corporate web site.
  • Weekly export of encrypted sign-ups for import into 3rd party applications
  • HTML email confirmation to you and your customer
  • Optional data exchange between your site and the micro-site

Prices start at £695 ex VAT and £15 per month hosting to include post code lookup and bank account validation. 

Additional costs maybe applicable for customisation or data exchange with your main web site.

These sites are available to all, but our bureau customer’s data feeds directly into our database for direct debit collection. We have supplied in excess of 70 sites to customers, primarily charities for regular giving and lottery sign-up. You can view some of these sites below.

Direct Debit Web Portal

For Bureau clients with large direct debit portfolios, we can develop an on-line portal which gives the client full control over their direct debit and customer data, via a secure, easy to use web interface. There is a development cost associated with each implementation. Please contact us for more details.

Bank Account Validation Web Service

Secure Collections have developed their own bank account validation web service. This service checks a provided sort code and account number to ensure the details are valid and that the account can support direct debits. The associated Bank, Branch Name and Bank Address are also returned as part of the validation process. 

The service can be called from any web site or desktop application. Alternatively we can provide a web screen where users can key the bank details and view the response on-line

The cost of the web service is £30 per month.

Web Site & Bespoke Software Development

In conjunction with our associated software development company, Select Information Systems Ltd. we can provide bespoke direct debit applications and integration with 3rd party systems. For example: we developed a Staff Social Club system for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals (NUTH - NHS) which manages their members’ lottery with automated draws; payments via payroll deductions and direct debit and event management.

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